Strategic Market Analysis for a Privacy Solutions Company

This consulting project began with an in-depth interview with our clients. After a profound analysis of numerous elements, the client and our team decided developing a feasibility analysis for each diverse industry was optimal. The market feasibility analysis for a privacy solutions company provided a comprehensive yet, insightful look into the complexities, ramifications and opportunities of entering new markets. My team's analysis included, but was not limited to, utilizing a variety of frameworks such as Porter's 5 Forces, SWOT Analysis, The Six P's, and a PESTEL analysis. My individual contribution to the consulting project included but was not limited to a comprehensive feasibility analysis of our client's product within the higher education industry. I began by conducting a SWOT Analysis to gain a better understanding of the company's strengths and weaknesses as well as the industry's opportunities and threats. I then collected primary data by conducting in-depth interviews with key administrators from numerous colleges and universities to gauge our client's product potential in the industry. Secondary research on the educational landscape was also conducted to provide a comprehensive understanding of the limitations and viability of our client's products. I also functioned as the team captain, lead communications with our clients and CSUN's staff, and attended all in-person and online client and group meetings. The findings which included the interpretation of both primary and secondary research were presented to the client to support and validate our recommendations. Several detailed strategic implementation plans for the client followed to achieve their goal of expanding and growing their company. The project concluded with a thorough presentation of our findings, recommendations and a set of strategies. The findings and recommendations are proprietary to the client and shall remain confidential.