Cyber Scavenger with Sencha Touch

Cyber Scavenger is a map-based application created for the CyberQUEST project that allows teachers to set learning goals for class trips before bringing students to the fieldtrip. The existing application is geared more towards a classroom based environment due to lack of Wi-Fi in the field. Therefore students have to carry their digital devices to capture images and wait till they are back in the classroom with internet access before they can upload image and related information. This project creates a new mobile web version of Cyber Scavenger. It allows students to interact directly with the Cyber Scavenger on their palm and submit their pictures and related information while out on their field trips. By taking advantage of the GPS feature of smartphones, this application allows students to capture images and complete activities related to their current positions. In addition, this application also creates an enhanced user experienced for any smartphone owner who’s interested in viewing student submissions.