Kindergarten Readiness: A Website to Help Parents Prepare Their Children for Kindergarten

Recent education policy changes in California have affected the expectations and standards of kindergarten, making the curriculum more rigorous. It is necessary for students entering kindergarten to be prepared academically and social emotionally in order to be successful during the school year. Students that have not been exposed to foundational academic skills (i.e. letter and number identification, letter sound knowledge, and counting) prior to entering kindergarten, begin the year at a disadvantage. Similarly, students that have not yet developed appropriate social emotional skills for a classroom setting (i.e. managing emotions, interacting positively with others, and being able to focus during classroom activities) may have difficulty learning and reaching the end of year kindergarten standards. The purpose of this project is to provide parents the information and resources necessary to prepare their children for kindergarten. This project consists of a website that is aligned with the Oceanside Promise Kindergarten Readiness Checklist and has resources throughout that will expose young children to foundational pre-literacy and mathematic skills. It also lists some social emotional development skills on which parents can evaluate their children's readiness. The website features pages on the following themes: academic foundational skills, social emotional skills, oral language development, physical development, transitional kindergarten, end of year kindergarten standards, and additional resources. Each page provides information and/or resources that are intended to guide parents in preparing their child for kindergarten.