Masters Thesis

Bridging youth relationships from clubhouse to teen center: a curriculum for youth led peer-orientation program

Bridging the gap between youth populations, served through a community focused non-profit organization, can enhance the development of leadership skills in youth. This project was structured around a theoretical framework for positive youth development, which allows the teens to use skills that they already contain to solve problems that they may face (Damon, 2004, p.13). The goal of this project was to create a three-week curriculum that facilitates stronger connections between members at the Clubhouse and the Teen Center. The objective of the curriculum was to increase attendance by reinforcing the transition from the Clubhouse to the Teen Center, as well as fostering a sense of community between the facilities and the populations. Also included in the transition program is an orientation that focuses on four key points: facility collaboration, youth input for programming, outreach, and tour of the new site. At the end of the project, the Teen Center members created an Orientation for members transitioning from the Clubhouse to the Teen Center.