How to survive without T.V. : a handbook for day-care mothers in the Home-SAFE program

The following project has grown out of a need coupled with a desire to produce a practical and useful document. The need appeared in the form of a request as I worked with the Home-SAFE program during a fieldwork assignment. Several of the day care mothers asked that a few ideas which had been shared during my time with them be written down. This was done informally on papers here and there as well as in notes they themselves took. The request was enlarged upon when one of the volunteers observed that a small dittoed handbook would be useful. Through the counsel and urging of Betty Brady, my University advisor, I began to consider and explore the possibility of producing such a notebook. The idea was enthusiastically encouraged and accepted by Maurine Kornfeld, the coordinator of Home-SAFE. The handbook has been written in terms which hopefully, are easily understandable in order to serve the intended purpose. It is designed to make use of ‘left-overs” and “junk” supplies, and inexpensive materials. The majority of the ideas and activities presented in this project are from my years of experience both within the classroom and as a parent. The project has been presented to the Home-SAFE day care mothers in one of the educational workshops given to help in their work. It is my sincere desire for the information contained in this handbook, whenever and wherever used, that it be used to enrich and enhance children's lives.