Does traumatic distress effect police and their relationship with the community?

The lack of trust in police from the community has been an ongoing issue for decades. Communities rely on the police to feel safe and protected, while the police are dependent on the community for support and cooperation. What previous research has failed to address is the issue of police traumatic distress and the effects it may have on their relationship with the community. Similar characteristics identified in earlier research as the leading causes of the weakened bond between police and the community are race, socioeconomic status, and societal influences. This study will take a quantitative approach in collecting data to measure the independent and dependent variables. Systematic sampling will allow the researcher to randomly select sworn police personnel from the Los Angeles Police Department--Wilshire, Central, and Temple divisions who will respond to a 10-question survey about how they feel traumatic distress from the job has affected their relationships with the community they have sworn to protect and serve.