Another Stewart's development; its stylistic development

The well-stocked shelves of the store at Christmas this year brought me in touch with remembrances of childhood play. All of the models were neatly stacked in their boxes promising a shiny finished product that any child could be proud of. It was just what I could never achieve when I was a child. The challenge to me as an adult was overpowering. I continued to stare at these models. An idea developed that brought together the work 1 had been involved in at that time and expanded the concept in a different direction. Several years ago I had travelled in the Southwest collecting sand of various grades and colors that were used in plexiglas to create geological paintings and layered landscapes contained in boxes. Here was the opportunity to experience a fantasy of cherished toys and models that has plagued me since childhood, to combine these child's toys with the esthetic of the adult artist-all within the context of social commentary. As the work evolved I realized the patience that was needed. A model took approximately forty hours to construct. Each piece developed its own character and function in the sand; its own composition that united it naturally with the sand in a surreal way. This is further suggested by raising the boxes above the floor level which also distinguishes the piece as not a toy" and gives it a feeling of permanency. The central box which is on the floor evokes in one a desire to participate on a childlike level during the period of construction. The viewer is able to comprehend the unlimited possibilities of the models and the composition in the sand. The progress can be viewed step by step in the center stage created for the development of the drama. (See more in text.)

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