Masters Thesis

The relationship of team cohesion and team effectiveness in women's intercollegiate athletics.

During the past five years of coaching and teaching, the writer has been aware of the importance of unity among team members in women's intercollegiate athletics. Observation has indicated that groups which appear to be more unified also perform more effectively. Therefore, it seemed that a careful study of the relationship between team cohesiveness and team effectiveness in women s athletics might reveal new insights regarding cohesion within groups and how better to coach the woman athlete. At present, women's participation in highly competitive athletics is receiving a great deal of attention in our society. Studies are investigating many physiological and biomechanxcal concerns regarding an acceptance of women's participation in athletics. However, there remain many unanswered questions in the psychosocial area concerning understanding and acceptance of women's athletic participation. ihe psychosocial importance of team cohesiveness as a determinant of team effectiveness has been an area of much interest recently to those coaching women's and men's athletic teams.

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