Masters Thesis

How prepared are school psychologists to administer assessments to culturally and linguistically diverse students?

With the rapidly growing number of culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) students in our schools, school psychologists are required to assess students whose first language is not English. However, when looking at current research, there is a widespread shortage of proficient school psychologists, and the gap is broadening as the amount of CLD and English Language Learner populations continue to rise in our school districts. Current literature shows minimal research on how school psychologists guide their assessment practices and whether these practices remain nondiscriminatory (SoteloDynega & Dixon, 2014). School psychologists face various challenges while serving CLD students who are referred for an assessment. Some challenges include: differentiating between the effects of the language acquisition process, lack of quality educational services, academic deficits due to processing disorders, attention problems, and learning disabilities (Klinger & Harry, 2006). The purpose of the current study was to determine how school psychologists deal with the assessments of CLD students. The study examined current practices of school psychologists in the area of CLD assessments and used an online survey research design utilizing questions related to CLD assessment.