Latino male youth experiences of school discipline

Purpose: Latino male youth face higher rates of school suspension, dropping out and expulsion. A better understanding of their perspectives could assist social workers, educators and other stakeholders in making improvements in how school discipline is designed and instituted. Research Question: what are their experiences of Latino male youth receiving school disciplinary action? Methods: utilizing the video voice methodology in a qualitative study, eight (N = 8) Latino males, 18-30 years old, who had some experience with school discipline recorded short videos responding to prompts about their experiences of being disciplined in school. Results: Common themes were identified and analyzed for insights which might better inform advocacy for policies and practices to support the education and development of this critical population. Discussion: The participants shared experiences which depicted their feelings that educators generally did not care for them or support them, but instead implemented quick disciplinary actions based on their assumptions or past experiences with the students rather than the precipitating incidents. By not asking more about the students, educators missed vital information about major external stressors which were interfering with the students' lives and ability to learn in the classroom.