A guide to financial academic vocabulary

Last year, the enrollment of international students in American universities hit an all-time high. Unable to find a book specifically targeting academic English for finance, this need has been met by designing material for students and language instructors. The project reports a corpus-based lexical study of university finance textbooks. The study resulted in the first Financial Academic Corpus and Financial Academic Word List. The word list identifies the most frequently used academic words in university finance texts, and accounts for 13.51% of the texts under study. These words are crucial for any English language learner who plans to pursue a bachelor's degree in finance at an American University. This project involves the creation of a guide for teaching financial academic vocabulary to students that are not native speakers of English. The guide covers the topics of vocabulary development and teaching, and demonstrates how to effectively implement the Financial Academic Word List into a curriculum. The guide includes the Financial Academic Word List, recommended resources, and an intensive four-week course in financial academic English. The course includes a syllabus, unit overviews, and five lesson plans.