The level of awareness farmworkers from Stanislaus County have in regards to pesticide management

The purpose of this research was to get an overall understanding of the level of awareness Hispanic farmworkers from Stanislaus County have in regards to pesticides. This qualitative study explored the knowledge 6 Hispanic farmworkers have in regards to pesticide use, its management and the consequences of its use. All participants were of Hispanic origin, worked in farms, and resided in Stanislaus County. Data were collected through conducting in depth interviews with all participants. The findings revealed that farmworkers are aware that pesticides need to be handled with care. It was found in the study that farmworkers protect their families from pesticides by taking off their clothes when they get home, showering immediately, and washing clothes separately. It is recommended that social workers bring their expertise in community organizing to the agricultural advocacy groups who are the experts in their field; thereby, leading their collaboration to stronger efforts in ensuring that appropriate protective training and equipment are being provided to farmworkers by their employers. It would be ideal for social workers to establish community programs like hands on pesticide trainings, and implement informational classes on how to report pesticide exposures. A recommendation for future research would be to conduct a mixed method study with the same population taking in to consideration their demographics, such as, education level, acculturation, and age to see if there is a correlation between those factors and the level of awareness farmworkers have in regards to pesticides.