Enhancing Post-Secondary Readiness for Undocumented Ninth Grade Students: School Counselor Workshop

The purpose of this graduate project was to design a professional development workshop with specified guidance for career and college readiness for undocumented ninth grade students. It is meant to inform and educate professional school counselors about the different topics relevant to undocumented ninth-grade students, such as federal laws and policies, social/emotional effects, creative counseling strategies, and post-secondary planning. Early college and career planning in the ninth grade can significantly impact the journey and post-secondary outcome for undocumented students. Professional school counselors are in a vital position to help undocumented students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive personally and academically. This facilitator's guide is meant to assist the leading professional school counselor to navigate the different sections of the provided professional development workshop for an audience of professional school counselors. The workshop, Enhancing Post-Secondary Readiness for Ninth Grade Undocumented Students, is designed to inform and provide recommendations for useful school counseling practices relevant to undocumented adolescents in the ninth grade.