Masters Thesis

A Program proposal for meeting the healthcare needs of juvenile female offenders

For years, the health conditions of adolescents in juvenile facilities have caused an ongoing stir due to the conditions, cost, and problems created behind it. Most notably, this is seen for the females being held inside the juvenile detention centers. There is an emerging concern regarding substance misuse, mental health problems, poor sexual health and poorer general physical health on a range of indicators. So many families of these young female delinquents lack the financial resources to provide their children with quality healthcare, and rely on detention facilities, such as juvenile hall, to provide them instead. Now, the real issue is that many of the females that walk into Juvenile Hall don’t have all of their necessary immunizations, and are poorly educated on proper hygiene and health. Unfortunately, the current budget for Kern County doesn’t allow enough nursing staff coverage to give the female all the immunizations they need, or go and teach the female juveniles how to take care of themselves in regards to their health. When the female juveniles first arrive at juvenile hall, they go through a basic health screening, and the nurses contact their parents for information regarding their health history and record of all their immunizations they’ve received. As of now, there isn’t enough staff to determine all of the proper immunizations each female juvenile needs when first arriving at juvenile hall let alone ensure they actually are being given the immunizations. If there was an afforded budget, these young female offenders would definitely be given a chance at a healthier future. The purpose of this study is to provide a better means of operating the provided healthcare for females at Kern County Juvenile Hall. Government should be responsible for being able to fund the budget to afford the medical staff at Kern County Juvenile Hall the chance to educate the females on taking care of their health needs, and distribute all the necessary immunizations for each female minor. Dependent on the success of this proposal, government may even be able to ensure that all minors, both male and female, be afforded their necessary immunizations and receive the proper health education to take care of themselves. Based on the issue, by providing an affordable budget to meet these recommendations, Kern County Juvenile Hall will ensure that every female’s health needs are being delivered. Now, providing the necessary health needs of these young female girls is crucial to their future for a healthier life as well as a better life away from crime. Looking for ways to improve their health and possibly limit the amount of crime committed in Kern County by these females is worth efforts of attaining. The idea that crime and poor healthcare are related to one another is an indicator that change definitely needs to be implemented. If crime can be reduced as a result of this proposal, efforts definitely ought to be challenged. In addition, the idea is that every minor deserves a chance at a healthier life.


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