Three-step authentication for ATMs

The current Automated Teller Machine (ATM) systems require users to authenticate with unique 4 or 6 digits Personal Identification Number (PIN) to make transactions. These systems have physical keypads to do this, so the numeric key positions are constant. A user’s account can be compromised with a stolen credit/debit card with a deciphered PIN number. The purpose of the project is to provide a safer authentication mechanism and protect from fraudsters. The proposed authentication mechanism consists of scrambling keypad to input a 6-digit PIN number, color-coded combination password and biometric fingerprint authentication. A user must register his details and password in the application to get an account number. The first authentication step contains a keypad that scrambles after every digit of the PIN. This makes it difficult for on-lookers to decipher. In the second step, the user must authenticate with a color-coded combination password. In the third step, the user is authenticated through biometric fingerprint system. The combination of all three steps for a user remains unique to protect user accounts from being compromised by external attacks.