The Essential Elements in the Creation, Development, and Implementation of an Intensive Behavioral Intervention Program

The purpose of this project is to identify the essential elements in the creation, development, and implementation of an Intensive Behavioral Intervention (IBI) Program. Through the research process as well as practical teaching application the Intensive Behavioral Intervention Handbook was created. This handbook demonstrates and explicates information about the IBI program within a school district, setting up a systematic structure to the program. All students that enter the IBI program have to go through a series of protocols in order for them to qualify for a more restrictive placement. The IBI three-tier model was created to show the important processes that must be taken in order to provide a student with the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). Throughout the entirety of the handbook information about specialized academic instruction (SAI), student-centered planning, behavior intervention, and community inclusion are addressed. The IBI handbook lays out the foundation of the program and is a tool that is used to better understand the structure of the program.