Masters Thesis

Commercial sexual exploitation awareness: an education curriculum for truck drivers

Agency trainings and education are often targeted at professionals in healthcare, education, law enforcement, and social service settings regarding the trends, identification, reporting, and service provisions for Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC). Many other professions, such as those in the distribution and trucking industries frequently encounter CSEC and might not possess the awareness to identify victims or provide assistance. This project aimed to design and present a curriculum to educate truck drivers by increasing their knowledge and awareness of indicators that could identify youth victims of commercial sexual exploitation. The training curriculum was developed for approximately 35 staff in the Tuolumne County Community Resources Agency, Roads Division. Five of the staff were administrative personnel and 30 were Road Workers, 24 of whom were in possession of their Class A professional driver’s license. A pre-test to assess participant knowledge of CSEC before the curriculum was delivered, and post-test was administered to assess acquired knowledge after the presentation. Some social workers who have recently entered the field of child welfare have not had training on CSEC identification. This type of training could be used internally by agencies by incorporating it into new staff training curricula to ensure they have the most recent knowledge and are able to participate with other team members, including hospital social workers, law enforcement, therapist, and medical professionals in the most meaningful way possible.