Graduate project

The dissemination of literature in the area of the deaf-blind

This paper attempts to demonstrate by reviewing the history of and the periodical literature on deaf-blindness in the United States, the need for a journal for professionals working with persons who are deaf-blind. The review was conducted by researching indexes of education, special education, psychology, rehabilitation, and medical journals. For those early entries that could not be obtained Blea and Hobron's, Literature On The Deaf-Blind - An Annotated Bibliography, was used to obtain the content of the entry. The scarcity and diffusion of the literature is clearly demonstrated It was found that the majority of the literature in recent years is indexed under the Educational Resources Information Center system (ERIC), and has never appeared in a professional or popular publication. The final conclusion is that persons working in the field of deaf-blindness are being hindered by this lack of a systematic, widely distributed vehicle through which professional information and research can be stimulated and disseminated.