Creating a charter school in Los Angeles emphasizing intrinsic motivation

The current thesis project will explore the theory of motivation as it pertains to learning and examine the opportunities that charter schools may uniquely offer as a means to implement "progressive" educational practices that result in enhanced intrinsic motivation. In Chapter One, the previous and current curriculum reform efforts will be reviewed and the concept of charter schools as a venue for more innovative curriculum reform will be introduced. In Chapter Two, the literature on learning and motivation as it pertains to students in the classroom will be reviewed. In Chapter Three, the history, progress and success of charter schools, over the past seven years will be described. Detailed information regarding the process of opening a charter school, along with goals and objectives that would complement an intrinsically motivating curriculum, will be described in Chapter Four. Finally, in Chapter Five, the implications, experiences and steps taken by the author, to start a charter school emphasizing intrinsic motivation will be shared.