Masters Thesis

Technical review board chairperson guidelines for conducting technical review boards for rocket testing

The purpose of this study is to create a guide for technical review board chairperson conducting technical review boards for rocket testing performed by the Air Force Research Laboratory‟s Space Missile Propulsion Division located at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Technical review boards are independent reviews of the test programs, providing a crucial check and balance in the programs overall systems engineering and quality process. As will be discussed in the subsequent pages, current technical review boards are inefficient and of inconsistent quality. The importance of a high quality, efficient technical review has never been more important due to the modern-era challenges relating to the limited hands-on experience and fewer number of current rocket testers. Thus a paradigm shift in the way technical review boards are conducted at AFRL for rocket test programs is needed. The local guidance created from this study is intended to assist in the execution of technical review boards. The guidance created by this study can assist the technical review board chairperson in running a more efficient and effective review. The guidance includes lessons learned about complexity of organizational decision making, policies, procedures, checklist, organizational cultural change, quality assurance, and meeting management. In addition, the checklist created as part of this guidance will assist in making sure the technical review board chairperson does not overlook a critical topic for review.


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