Enhancing literacy learning through co-teaching

This study investigated the effects of the co-teaching relationship on academic achievement in the reading and writing domain for children with special needs. The primary research question was; "If special education services are provided through a co-teaching relationship, will second grade children with mild to moderate disabilities make academic gains in the reading and writing domains?" The students were assessed in September with a series of standardized and curriculum-based assessments. The students participated in a co-taught Language Arts class over a five month period. After the intervention was introduced, the researcher reassessed the students using the same assessments. To analyze the data, the researcher compared the pre-test scores with the post-test scores. Findings regarding student learning and literacy competence show that students with and without disabilities demonstrated improvements under the coteaching arrangement. On several assessments, students demonstrated performance increases which suggest multi-fold (i.e., two to four times the expected grade-level or age-level increases) acceleration in their literacy learning. The results made it clear that the co-teaching approach to literacy helped facilitate academic growth and learning for students. KEYWORDS Co-Teaching Collaborative Teaching Team Teaching Inclusion Literacy