Multicultural education: teachers' attitudes and perceptions

The purpose of this study was to discover teachers' attitudes and perceptions about multicultural education and the resources they had to support a multicultural curriculum. Teachers from a Southern California elementary school were surveyed. This community is experiencing a high volume of population growth due to many new, affordable track homes and a school system with an excellent reputation. The demographics are changing from primarily whites to including many people from different cultures. The survey was handed to the teachers at a staff meeting and contained a total of 11 questions. The teachers completed the surveys and returned them immediately. Their responses were then cross tabulated using a statistical program. Overall, the teachers had positive feelings about including multicultural education in their curriculum. Newer teachers had the strongest feelings about incorporating multicultural education. Most teachers felt the highest level of support from their peers. Some teachers admitted that they did not know the various cultures of their students. Finally, teachers expressed a need for integrated multicultural lessons for their classrooms. Keywords: multicultural education, culture, curriculum, teachers, attitudes