Masters Thesis

Mindful employee: employee feedback on mindfulness practice

Mindfulness training has been gaining popularity as an approach to assist helping professionals. Often helping professionals experience burnout, secondary trauma, stress, and compassion fatigue. The purpose of this study was to analyze employees' experience through mindfulness training from session to session during an eight-week mindfulness study. The purpose of this mixed method study was to add to existing knowledge about mindfulness training. The study focuses on what the participants found the most valuable from session to session and what recommendations do they have for improving the training. Participants were given a survey at the end of every session, for a total of eight sessions. The participants were given a traditional survey with nine five-point scale questions and three open-ended questions. The results from the data collected suggested that the majority of the participants found the mindfulness training helpful, confirming positive outcomes. The results also suggested that the sessions were too short, as the participants requested longer sessions to practice and build on the new tools. The results suggest that mindfulness training has the potential to impact employee's success at work; however, more research needs to be conducted on the effects of mindfulness training for every employee, including those with no prior knowledge base or interest in mindfulness training.