Capstone project

Centrifugal pump cavitation demonstrator

In fulfillment of the requirements of E-316 Project Design, a Centrifugal Pump Cavitation Demonstrator was designed and implemented. Through the use of knowledge that has been gained from many years of pump testing, we are able to calculate the parameters under which a pump will cavitate. The demonstrator that has been designed can then reproduce those parameters so that we can observe the pump behavior during cavitation. The system was also designed to be used as a centrifugal pump characteristic tester. The student can run various laboratory experiments such as producing head-capacity and efficiency capacity curves. Specific speed, horsepower, net positive suction head and many other important pump and system parameters can also be theoretically calculated and verified via testing with this project. Students who use this demonstrator will achieve a much better understanding of how centrifugal pumps are operated and designed.