Masters Thesis

"No Dough, You Gotta Go": Gentrification and a Latinx Neighborhood on the Precipice

This exploratory study examines residents’ perspectives and experiences of a traditionally Latinx immigrant neighborhood on the precipice of gentrification. Inspired by insights from critical race theory and existing studies on the relationship of gentrification and civil gang injunctions, I interviewed seven Mexican American long-term residents of Barrio Posole, an Oceanside, California neighborhood with three civil gang injunctions in place against former and current residents. Findings highlight Posole residents’ observations of a neighborhood whose character is starting to change from a working-class Latinx neighborhood to an upper-middle-class white one. Many longstanding residents have been pushed out of the neighborhood due to police harassment and the physical upgrades to the neighborhood that increased its cost of living. In spite of the disruptive forces at hand, some residents resist by staying in Barrio Posole, making good use of use of community resources, and advocating on behalf of the Latinx families who have long lived in the neighborhood.