Factors affecting homework completion and submission in general education classes for students with special needs

A common complaint among resource specialists is that they notice students in their study skills classes complete homework for their general education classes, yet repeatedly fail to turn it in. Homework can be found in their backpack three weeks later, sometimes completely forgotten. Often the student would receive no credit in their general education class, as it was too late to submit the assignment for points. Therefore the grade is a reflection of the student's time management, not their academic achievement. This behavior appears to be distinctly different from that of students who do not want to attempt their homework. Four st1.:dents were specifically selected to participate in this study based on prior difficulties with regular homework completion. These students had been previously observed by their parents and teachers as completing their homework, but failing to turn it in. For each student selected, one parent, and three of their core subject teachers were selected to complete a survey on the homework patterns of their student. Finally, all the teachers at the school were surveyed in an effort to reflect these teachers' voice on homework.