Climate Change, Russia, and the Far North

The Arctic is experiencing climate change at an alarming rate. This is providing new opportunities for countries to exploit the region for its natural resources and waterways. As such, countries in the region are preparing for the opening of Arctic and the potential benefits it could bring. However, Russia is placing itself in a position of geopolitical power to try and regain its global power status. Russia has been developing its Arctic capabilities far faster than any other state in the region. One example of this is Russia’s investment in its Northern Fleet, at the end of the Cold War much of this Northern Fleet was mothballed, but now new life is coming back into the great Arctic Fleet. Russia can also expect to gain some unique advantages that few other countries will get to experience as climate change progresses. The growing benefits and capability of Russia has made many of the other Arctic states uneasy. However, the Arctic has never known war or armed conflict before, in this sense, it has the ability to be a bridge of peace between nations.

GMA 400L - Senior Seminar Research Lab