Masters Thesis

Buchi Emecheta: a woman writes back

This thesis examines the ways Nigerian-born British novelist Buchi Emecheta incorporates the strategies of post-colonial and feminist theory. The author explores where and how she satisfies the feminist demands of informing and expanding post-colonial theory. The resistance to the dominant colonial and neo-colonial influences, due to social and economical globalization, would then challenge the woman writer to look to the relationships between 'colonizers' and 'colonized' as well as between men and women. As a result, Emecheta employs the techniques of post-colonial rhetoric that signals the opposition to traditional colonial influences and the increase of neo-colonial presences. In addition, this thesis follows the female characters and the process of self-definition and assertion as they are valued in feminist criticism. When looking at language, relationships and self-actualization one can understand the feminist struggle of Emecheta's heroines in the context of post-colonial existence. Most importantly though, Emecheta seems to question and undermine the given feminist and post-colonial framework; she refuses to the strict adherence of these frameworks. Instead, the mode of deconstructions allows her to free herself from both agendas. As an ultimate act of emancipation, she introduces ambivalence and retraction. As the thesis follows the development of the writer and the prevalent themes of her novels in terms of specific stages and overall commonalities, the act of questioning, deconstructing, reformulating, and reassessing remains the main objective.

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