Infusion of Educational Technology into a Teacher Preparation Program

21st century teachers need to use the technology and be thoroughly trained in the use and infusion of technology into their curriculum in order to increase the academic success of their students. The responsibility of teaching future teachers how to infuse technology into their curriculum rests with their pre-service education through their university. The professors that teach these students are responsible for infusing, modeling, and assessing pre-service teachers use and infusion of technology into their lessons. In this study, the examination of the results of both a 2012 and a 2014 National Speak Up Survey were analyzed to determine patterns of infusion and use of technology by faculty and pre-service teachers in one teacher preparation program as compared to the national data. A faculty focus group helped to answer the specific questions about the results of the Speak Up Surveys in order to better understand the faculty’s success and setbacks with modeling and infusing educational technology into their pre-service programs.