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I Am You

Sexual expression does not necessarily mean you are choosing to have sexual relations with a partner. Either alone or with a partner, there are many ways to explore and express sexual drives and desire. Without it, none of us would be here. Generation after generation, our ancestors have engaged in it, as our descendants will after us. Sex is a big deal. The biggest of all possible deals. The single most important of all human engagements. We are born of it and to it. Yet at the same time, we seldom talk about it. I want to change that. I am influenced by the editing of the 1931 film, M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder by Fritz Lang. Not necessarily for what is shown, but the lack of...so to speak. From the first scene, with its brilliant way of showing a child being abducted, without actually showing the abduction. We hear the kidnapper whistle a tune, a tune that becomes a foreboding haunting sound, whenever we hear it we know that something bad is about to happen. Then we hear the mother calling for this child. And then images that give us this stomach-churning feeling that the child is dead. All that without having to show anything. All that we know of what has happened is from a shot of a balloon caught in power lines. We don't need to see anything more, that shot is enough to set us up to fear this man for the rest of the film. So how does this inspire my oeuvre exactly? Lang wisely uses shots that suggest rather than show, letting the viewer fill in the details and establishing the emotions. With my artwork, I want to explore gender, erotica, and desire without necessarily showing the full act of coitus. I want the viewer to create the salacious thoughts and fantasies because I know it’s in them. I want to leave them begging for more.