A study of The Magic Circle--a discussion group using the Bessell-Palomares Program on human effectiveness as a model

Rio Vista School is an elementary school located at 20417 Cedar-Creek Street, Saugus, California. It has a population of 454 students, grades kindergarten through sixth grade. There are also two educationally handicapped classes housed at this plant. The children attending Rio Vista School are low to middle class students. There are few Mexican American students and only two Black families in attendance at this school. Rio Vista School is one of the ten elementary schools in the Saugus Union School District. The Saugus community has a population of approximately 60,000 people. It is a growing city in its developmental stages. Analysis of Study Group and Classroom Organization- This study group is comprised of twenty-four White, English speaking students, one Mexican American student with good English background and one Black male student. The classroom is self-contained with one teacher and two tutorial aides who come in two mornings a week to help the children who are below level in Reading and Arithmetic. The children in this study are students in my classroom and I will be working directly with them using the materials in the Human Development Program. The Bessell-Palomares Program was selected became it bad much appeal for myself as a classroom teacher. The program is well structured and is a good guideline program for helping to teach the Character Building Objectives which are included in our own district curriculum for Behavioral Objectives.