Graduate project

A study of the backgrounds and some on-the-job environmental factors of hearing impaired school administrators

This is a study involving 18 hearing impaired school administrators for the purpose of gathering information about their backgrounds and to determine what job - related environmental factors influence their roles as School Administrators. Specifically this study attempts to find answers to the following questions concerning hearing impaired school administrators who are currently employed: 1. What are their educational backgrounds? 2. What are their employment backgrounds? 3. At what ages did the hearing impairment occur, and what are the degrees of impairment? 4. To what extent do they perceive their speech as being intelligible? 5. Due to the nature of the handicap, do they have to work longer hours or do more paperwork than most administrators? 6. What present conditions may influence how they function? 7. What (if any) other insights can be obtained from their input? Some of the results of this study indicate: (a) better than three quarters of the respondents had a severe or profound hearing loss, (b) half of them reported that the onset of hearing impairment occurred before t heir 3rd birthday, (c) nearly half held two or more master 1s degrees and approximately a quarter held their Ph.D.�s, (d) all have telecommunications devices for their use, (e) the majority had access to and use of a secretary/interpreter or a secretary and an interpreter, (f) three quarters perceived their speech as being intelligible most of the time, (g) the majority of respondents indicated their superiors had telecommunications devices so that direct contact was possible , (h) better than half had their phone calls totally interpreted , and (i) better than half indicated they did not feel they had more paperwork or worked longer hours than most administrators.