Understanding and Applying Institutional Theory

The purpose of this thesis is to evaluate the effectiveness of institutional theory. This thesis will utilize the African European Union as a case study to assess the fundamental pillars that are attributed to the institutional approach to governing. In addition to evaluating the AU, this thesis will incorporate the European Union as a case study and as molded of how an institutional should collimate it to an entirely functioning institutional organization. Furthermore, this will provide a maritime realm take on security. This thesis focuses on the issue that arises on land then transition into maritime security problems. The results of this thesis conclude that institutional are fundamental in governing, however, with the absence of any of the pillars disturbs effectiveness of the theory. Lastly, sovereignty plays a vital role in efficiently governing territory and citizens.

A capstone project submitted to the faculty of the California Maritime Academy in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies and Maritime Affairs.