Masters Thesis

The effects of a remedial teaching device termed a baseograph on achievement in science: seventh and eighth grade students.

This is an era of accountability, and science is an enigma to the general populace. Beginning with the first Sputnik in 1957, there was an almost overwhelming stress on science education. However, starting about 1968, the glow began to fade, and it has been a downward trend since then. Today, questions are being asked which indicate that people are seriously concerned about the necessity for continuing science education. Is science a necessary part of the curriculum? Is it relevant in today's world? Is it meeting the needs of all students and not just those who are college bound? What chance do children of low reading ability have in the traditional program? Because of these and other considerations, both teachers and curriculum of today's schools are under more critical scrutiny. Ballou, in her commentary on the results of the National Assessment of Education Program, states that ". . . schools have done a good job with science but improvement is needed." It was with these words in mind that this project was undertaken.

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