Leisure planning handbook

The days of the park leader with ball and bat in hand have given way to the recreation professional who acts as a facilitator in guiding and educating individuals and groups in managing leisure time and who is concerned with their goals in life and with their ability to cope with problems. Professionals in the field of recreation have long recognized the potential problem of increasing amount of leisure time and how it will affect individuals and society. Of particular note are those people who are unable to use their free time beneficially. One witnesses patients suffering the “revolving door syndrome,” returning again and again to the institutional atmosphere because they cannot adjust to the outside world. After studying various leisure counseling theories and delivery modes, a handbook was developed to be used in actual leisure counseling situations with psychiatric, alcoholic, stroke, and cardiac patients at several Veteran's Administration Hospitals. The handbook design was formulated to allow the participant to visualize and assimilate leisure information and values through involvement in a group counseling process. (See more in text.)