Latina Swap Meet Vendors and Community Cultural Wealth: Navigating the City of Flowers

The informal economy refers to a "medium for survival and for making ends meet for people that either cannot find a job in the formal sector, cannot survive economically earning a minimum wage, or simply require extra income" (Rendon, 2016, p.19). The informal economy is explained as a form of labor that is not regulated, meaning that anyone can work within this economy, including women and children. Through Yosso's Community Cultural Wealth (CCW) and my autoethnography counterstory, this research examined the types of Community Cultural Wealth that Latina vendors and their children use while vending at swap meets/ flea markets which is part of the informal economy. This study seeks to challenge the dominant social constructs of race by exploring how a transformative workspace is created at swap meets when there is an exchange of CCW between Latina vendors and their children