Aurelio de la Vega, his life and his music

The Preface is followed by on Introduction devoted to a brief survey of the musical exchange between North America end Latin America. The purpose of this Introduction is to provide a brood perspective for the chapters to follow. Part I is essentially biographical, end is divided into three sections: Chapter I, on Cuban Music and Composers, which focuses on this one area of Latin-American music, and serves as a point of departure for Chapter II: Aurelio de lo Vega in Cuba. Chapter III pertains to de lo Vega's life and work in the United States. Part II consists of discussion and analyses of de lo Vega's music, including music examples from every composition written to date. Chapter IV covers the Early Compositions {1944-1949), Chapter V, Musical Maturity (1950-1956), and Chapter VI, Twelve-Tone Works (1957-1962), and a brief summery. Following the Bibliography, the Appendices include, for quick reference: A, Chronological Review of Life; B, Chronological List of Compositions; C, Classified List of Compositions, including all pertinent information on each work in the catalogue. An Index completes the work.