Progressive collapse analyses using nonlinear dynamic and linear static methods

This report outlines the evaluation of a steel structure subjected to column removal scenarios. Beginning with a baseline design from FEMA P-751 (2012), the structure is designed to resist progressive collapse using the nonlinear dynamic and linear static analysis methods outlined in UFC 4-023-03 (DoD, 2013). The results of both methods are compared to evaluate the effects on member design as well as the implications of employing the more time intensive nonlinear dynamic procedure. Columns are removed at locations specified in UFC 4-023-03 (Dod, 2013) and structural elements are checked against acceptance criteria from UFC 4-023-03 (DoD, 2013) and ASCE 41 (2006). Steel design weights from each analysis method are compared with the baseline seismic design, detailing the added steel weight required to satisfy progressive collapse design requirements. Recommendations are proposed for the appropriate use of each analysis method and improvements to the baseline structure are proposed to further reduce the impact on material costs.