Chicanx Studies: A Tool for Resiliency within Prison

Using content analysis, this thesis examines the homework of students who were incarcerated and taking a Chicanx Studies course through a student-led independent program called Homie Universidad Popular (Homie UP). A literature review of Chicanx Studies understanding the roots of Chicanx Studies, students are able to rehumanize, restore and reclaim their realities in the prisons system. Shortfalls with Prison Education include overall lack of resources, over representation of vocation, and lack of access. Lack of meaningful prison education is found. Participants’ experience in Homie UP program found that, despite incarceration in a total institution, students expressed deep connections to history, family, and community. Negative experiences during k-12 experiences shaped their educational trajectory and supports the notion of inequalities related to school to prison pipeline. However, their students’ educational experiences and connection to Chicanx Studies influenced their resiliency. Recommendations given for overhauling the Prison Education system, including the development of culturally relevant curriculum, programs and resources.