Art interventions for shelter staff: A handbook for working with children exposed to domestic violence

The purpose of this project is to increase self-efficacy and reduce stress for shelter staff by providing staff with a handbook of developmentally appropriate interventions to use with child residents in domestic violence shelters. This handbook consists of art activities for child residents of domestic violence shelters. The activities outlined in the art intervention program are divided into sections based on age and developmental level making them appropriate for shelter staff to use with children at every level of development. The program is easily accessible and readily available in a cost effective manner for shelter staff use. The art intervention program reflects social learning theory and supports best practices for implementation with children exposed to the traumatic experiences of domestic violence. The art intervention program is intended to increase staff self-efficacy. It is anticipated that implementation of art activities will impact children’s aggressive behavior. As aggressive behavior declines, shelter staff perceive higher levels of effectiveness in their work with child residents.