Behavior of the structures with BRB Frame System Under the Blast Loads

In the world that we are living today, unfortunately humanity is struggling to live peacefully although seems easy. Nowadays, it is not that challenging for an individual or an organization to have access to explosives that if turn into bombs could resulting lots of damages to the properties and human lives. At the same time, fortunately technological advancements provide knowledge and tools for structural engineers to at least minimize some of the damages by improving their designs. In this thesis, structures with dual lateral force-resisting system (IMF and BRB frames) that are modeled and designed in ETABS have been used. These structures are designed for gravity and seismic loads, and their behaviors under blast loads have been evaluated. Explosives have been placed on the ground (surface burst) with different standoff distances and different amounts of charge and only applied to the front walls. A few methods of applying the blast load on the structures have been tried before by other engineers but in this thesis a new method has been used for applying a time dependent load in ETABS on the structures. Results and conclusions are based on the outcomes from ETABS.