Minimum Noise Amplifier at 24 GHz

The title of this project is Minimum Noise Amplifier at 24 GHz Frequency. The main goal is to achieve minimum possible noise after cascading all of the stages. There are three stages in the design, the first and second stage are minimum noise amplifier design and the final stage is a Maximum gain amplifier. The transistor used in this design is NE3521M04. The minimum noise and maximum gain is achieved by cascading all of the three stages. Firstly, all the calculations are hand calculations which are again compared with matlab coding. Hand Calculation Values and Matlab calculation values are almost the same within less than 10% of each other. The complete circuit is simulated in Advance Design System(ADS) tool. The overall noise figure to be achieved is less than 2dB and the overall maximum gain greater than 25 dB.