Graduate project

Analyzing Work from Home Models at Call Centers

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, The Company had no work from home policy and required agents to come to the office to work. At the time of the project, the caring centers’ work environment had endured nine months of changes and new restrictions due to the pandemic. A large number of agents now work remotely. The project scope outlined two parts. Part one was to look at the business’s current state at the time of the project. The analysis to complete part one included the planning, design, and post-analysis of an employee feedback survey. As well as reviewing current scorecards with agents participating in different remote working strategies to compare the initial impact the strategies had on performance measures. Part two of the scope uses the data from part one to create recommendations related to growth strategy. Including identifying ideal ratios, key metrics, and other valuable information to help the company achieve future goals. Performing industry analysis and interviews, the team was able to find common themes of employee feedback to analyze and generate recommendations. Quantitative research on current metrics showed hybrid groups to be underperforming compared to their peers, attributing tenure as a possible cause. It was also identified on some key metrics that hybrid employees had a larger standard deviation making them less predictable. The overall analysis done, led the team to provide recommendations on tools, programs, and policies that could be used to foster growth.