Evaluating Teacher Effectiveness: A Template for Administrators and Teacher Trainers

ABSTRACT EVALUATING TEACHER EFFECTIVENESS: A TEMPLATE FOR ADMINISTRATORS AND TEACHER TRAINERS by Karen Schreder Master of Arts in Education Educational Leadership and Administration Option California State University, Chico Spring 2011 It is of little doubt that a great teacher can have a positive influence on a student both academically and morally. However, there is no definition of a highly effective teacher to use as a reference or a guide for administrators, teachers, or teacher trainers. It is important to research and delineate these qualities so that current and pre-service teachers can grow and develop to their full potential. This project investigates the need for a revamped evaluation tool that includes areas that are important to all areas of highly effective teaching: Classroom Management, Pedagogical Content Knowledge and an area the author termed Teacher Behavioral Modalities. Research indicates that this area is as important to highly effective teaching as Classroom Management and Pedagogical Content Knowledge. This project describes how these domains are related, and looks more specifically at the area of Teacher Behavioral Modalities, investigating the relevance of this area to highly effective teaching. In addition, this project assesses current evaluation tools and the degree to which each of the domains is reflected in these evaluations. A survey and follow-up interviews confirmed the value of Teacher Behavioral Modalities, and the need to have them included in the current evaluation tool. Teacher quality statements based on each domain were created, in addition to an evaluation template specifically aimed at the evaluation and development of the area of Teacher Behavioral Modalities.