The impact of mindfulness-based prenatal program on Latino pregnant women's mindfulness and stress

Prenatal care is vital for the developing baby as well for the mother. Seeking prenatal care will monitor the growth and development and assess any potential risks on the mother and baby. Prenatal stress has shown to have negative effects on both mother and child however, it is not routinely assessed. A 10-week Mindfulness-Based Prenatal Yoga pilot program was evaluated for its effectiveness on maternal stress and mindfulness levels throughout pregnancy. Fourteen Latino women completed the program. Participants scores were obtained at two time points- at the beginning of the program (time 1), and at the conclusion of the program (time 2). Data were collected via the Prenatal Psychosocial Profile to measure stress, and the Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire to measure mindfulness. Participants’ stress scores significantly decreased from the start of the program to the end of the program. Mindfulness scores increased from baseline (time 1) to program conclusion (time 2). Additionally, the qualitative findings identified a decrease in physical pain, stress and anxiety and an increase in self-awareness during their pregnancy. This program can be used as an effective resource for stress management by providing a safe and effective intervention to Latino women during pregnancy.