Joie de Vivre; or, a play with a dead man

At its core, Joie de Vivre; or, A Play with a Dead Man is about people coming to terms with their individual connections with both life and death. Joie de Vivre is a Cajun term meaning "the Joy of Living," and signifies the Cajun obsession with both life and death. This play explores the emotional after-effects of death, revealing that both the living and dead grieve. This play moves briskly through mundane routines revealing the "everyday" as something marvelous. This play follows the crumbling marriage of Fabian and Lily, and also Isaac, a dead man who leaves behind a wife and a mistress. This play mixes the absurdity of a dead man who still acts alive and the crippling emotions of sadness and jealousy. Tinged in fantasy, this play presents normal interactions as something bizarre and mysterious, exploring the possibility of exceptionality and mystery.