Acculturation Among Latinos in the U.S. Dominant Culture and the Relationship Between Stress and Alcohol Abuse

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between stress and alcohol abuse among Latinos/Latinx while acculturating to the U.S. dominant culture. Discussion and Implications: Literature findings have demonstrated a correlation between the acculturation process of Latinos to the United States and the relationship between stress and alcohol abuse. Mexican American immigrants are at greater risk of developing alcohol dependence due to stress, language barriers, legal status, and socio-economic disadvantage. Mexican born Latinos having a 91% chance of developing alcohol dependence (Caetano et al.2019). Acculturation to the U.S. culture varies by location of migration, age, gender, and the resources an individual has in their country of origin, can be a determining factor in their acculturation to the U.S. (Lee et al., 2013). Insufficiency of treatment for alcohol abuse within the Latino culture is partially due to gaps in communication, unfamiliarity resources, and of the helping systems of treatments in their community (Zemore et al., 2008). Keywords: Latino, Acculturation, US Culture, Alcohol Abuse, Stress, Acculturative Stress