Masters Thesis

Uptake of zinc, applied through drip irrigation, by Prunis persica.

In this study, six treatment levels of zinc fertilizer were applied to peach trees, Prunus persica, through a drip irrigation system. The study was conducted for two years using the same treatment levels for both years. The six treatment levels consisted of 0, .125, .25, .5, and 1 pound of Zn EDTA per tree and 1 pound of ZnSO₄ per tree. The results showed that the ZnSO₄ was highly effective in raising the zinc content in the leaves. The .5 and 1 pound per tree level of the Zn EDTA were the only zinc chelate treatments to significantly raise the levels of zinc in the peach leaves above the control level. Drip irrigation appears to allow for a more efficient application of zinc fertilizers than other methods of soil applied zinc fertilizer,

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