Stress and Housing Instability Among College Students

Housing Instability may impact educational achievement of college students, but has been understudied. Purpose: This study examines the relationship between housing instability and stress among college students. Hypothesis: CSUN students with housing instability will report higher perceived stress compared to CSUN students with housing stability. Methods: CSUN students (N=361) completed a short, anonymous survey on their housing situation and stress using self-designed demographics and the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS-4). Results: There was a significant difference in stress scores for students who reported housing stability in the past 12 months (M = 6.06, SD = 2.81) and students with housing instability (M = 6.94, SD = 2.12; t (358) = 2.86, p = .00, two-tailed). Discussion: Students with housing instability have higher stress levels than students in housing stability.