Oral Presentation

Motion of a Charged Particle Within a Rotating Black Hole

Black holes can gain a weak magnetic field from the matter accreting around it. In order to characterize the properties of a black hole with a magnetic field, we are required to study the motion of a test charged particle around a rotating black hole with a weak magnetic field. We will focus particularly on the behavior of the particle in the innermost stable circular orbit (ISCO) and other possible stable circular orbits (SCO) that the particle can have. For this research, we will pay attention to the spin parameters of alpha = 0.5 and B = 0.24 which denote rotation and charge respectively. Using numerical computations, we can observe the trajectory of the particle after it gets kicked out of its orbit which can be plotted using the numerical computing environment Maple. Other important plots that we generated pays attention to the radius, energy, and angular momentum of the particle. The plots that we have generated behave as we expected and we hope to use the results to compare the ISCO and SCO orbits to any unstable orbits that the particle might traverse.